Jeff Rizer is the Founder of the Rizing Up Brand and The Rizing Up Mentality.


With 25+ years in every aspect of Entrepreneurship, Jeff has led multiple different missions of growth for numerous businesses and startup entrepreneurs. He was featured in IMPACT Magazine and has spoken on stage at At & T Stadium  to 15,000+ other entrepreneurs who were looking for more out of life.

Jeff has led in several areas including:

  •  $100 Million+ in sales in the Property & Casualty Insurance arena

  • Started and Developed a National Event Management Company

  • Has led and coached 1000's of people through Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle adjustments to build personal confidence and leadership within themselves. 

  • Continues to lead other entrepreneurs with mentorship and guidance on overcoming obstacles the every day entrepreneur faces.

With The Rizing Up Mentality brand, he is paving the path for those that are looking for breakthrough in all areas of their business and personal life through self awareness and personal growth.

Born and raised in Northeastern CT,  Jeff has two teenage Sons age 17 and 14 , is the Host of The Rizing Up Mentality Podcast and leads with an Amor Fati mindset!


Connect with Jeff at Jeff@RizingUp.com 

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