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Jeff Rizer is the Founder of the Rizing Up Brand and The Rizing Up Mentality.


With 25+ years in every aspect of Entrepreneurship, Jeff has led multiple different missions of growth for numerous businesses and startup entrepreneurs. He was featured in IMPACT Magazine and has spoken on stage at At & T Stadium  to 15,000+ other entrepreneurs who were looking for more out of life.

Jeff’s experience in Real Estate dates back 25 years, starting with his knowledge and hands on experience in construction and design of his own homes from ground up to purchasing land for development. 


Jeff has invested over two decades excelling in the New England competitive landscape of Insurance, Risk Management and business profitability, establishing a reputation as a well-respected and innovative agent leading multiple missions of growth for business owners. 


Jeff says, “I am certain that Southern New England has everything that anybody could ever need in real estate investments and homeownership, and that’s what I love about the area—its abundance in style and neighborhoods and has access to some of the greatest food in New England. It’s unique landscape interacts with its unique architecture.


When it concerns his clients, Jeff believes in a philosophy of transparency. He says, “I feel creating something of value has to lead first with integrity, which then creates a solid foundation to do great business together.  I recognize and value the trust my clients place in me, and I strive every day to exceed their expectations.”


Jeff is paving the path for those that are looking for breakthrough in all areas of life through creative leverage and exclusive tools to help get homes sold for more money and less time and helping investors build profitable portfolios. 


Jeff states “As a New England native, I have intimate knowledge of the area and a strong desire to make my home, your home."


Residing in Southeastern Connecticut, Jeff has two teenage Sons, and is the Host of The Rizing Up Mentality Podcast


Jeff has led in several areas including:

  • $125 Million+ in sales in the Property & Casualty Insurance arena

  • Certified Insurance Consultant 

  • Licensed Property, Casualty and Life Insurance Agent  

  • Started and Developed a National Event Management Company

  • Podcast Host - The Rizing Up Mentality 


Connect with Jeff at 

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